The Fun Standard -- History

The Fun Standard is largely a creation of people on the Internet. The author published the first version as "The ISO 9000 Fun Standard" in March 1996, and it quickly made its way around the net on email and mailing lists, and was widely published in newspapers, journals, and newsletters.

The standard was then improved by the feedback of management consultants, business professors, quality professionals, system engineers, and others from organizations large and small from all over the world. After more than a decade of improvements, it now collects a set of tried and true best practices that can help improve the functioning of almost any organization.

A home page for the current version was established in 1998 on the author's site The Living Internet, then moved in April of 2006 to the current central location here at FunStandard.org. Please let all your friends know about the site, and feel free to use the standard in any way you wish.

Have fun,
William Stewart